A Diversion into Courage

This month I have come across a lot of courageous people.

Most of the time we associate courage with enormous acts of bravery involving life and death situations but I have seen courage in ordinary life. There can be no courage without fear and fear is paralysing. Anyone who has been afraid knows that it is a strait jacket around your body and a shadow at your back.

I have seen a man dedicate his life to starving children, he fears that he will not get enough donations in to feed 850 desperate children who rely on him for one meal a week. But every week he goes out and finds a way to feed them.

I have seen a woman face each day with a bright smile while she fights anxiety every minute of it.

I know a woman whose heart is broken after the loss of her husband but makes every day special for her daughters.

I see courage in a teacher who never knows which of her students will fall to depression, suicide, drugs and abusive homes but catches them all as fast as she can.

Courage is the young man who faces homophobia every day but opens his own business and beams at the world.

Fear grips the couple who have opened their home to a baby and a toddler in need but courage is keeping the door open as they lose their hearts to children that can be taken from them in a heartbeat.

Courage is everywhere, we are all heroes in our own right.

I salute the brave people out in this big world who put their shoulders back, lift their chins and keep moving forward while the shadows play with their hair and the strait jacket tightens.

Even heroes know when to be scared – Fort Minor


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