Getting Hygge With It

There is no more hygge feeling than curling up with your sleeping son on a rainy afternoon and falling asleep listening to his breathing. My hygge levels reached new heights. I have been carrying that feeling for days, drawing on it as my stress levels have soared and my health came under siege.

As the seasons are changing, my body has issued out an all access pass to every germ out there and they all thoughtfully brought a plus one and stayed for the after party. I have become that irritating sick person with my tissues and throat lozenges.

However, I have persevered because I have something that a lot of people need and I was not going to let flu get in the way of that.

The South African National Blood Service requires 4 500 units of blood a day to keep up with demand, one unit can save up to three lives. It costs nothing and if you meet the donor requirements you can donate a unit every 56 days. All in all it takes around 20 minutes. Not content to donate just my own blood, I threw the challenge out to my incredible colleagues and we all donated blood on Friday. We each left with a pint less of blood and a heart full of knowing that combined, forty five people could live another day.

I have also adopted two cots at, an organisation that looks after abandoned babies. For a minimal amount each month, my contribution will provide nappies, food, clothing and anything else that these two little people may require.

What I have come to with doing these two very small things is that if I have a choice and the means then there is no reason to not act. By being healthy and having some disposable income I have had a positive impact on five people.

My heart is full of hygge, my life is full of hygge, I’m a hygge ball.

Still blowing my nose though.

And if you’re homesick, give me your hand and I’ll hold it – Birdy



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