Hygge + Food

I love food. No doubt about it.

I love recipe books, menu planning, preparing food, setting tables, cooking food and then seeing my friends and family eat themselves into food comas.

I love finding new restaurants and I love getting dressed up for a dinner out with my husband.

We used to eat out and explore new places a lot, and then we had a baby who is now a toddler so we seldom eat out anymore unless there is a playground attached to the restaurant. Nowadays, husband and child go to the playground and I order the meals and drinks, eat mine alone, madly beckon that husband’s food has arrived, try to get toddler to eat, take toddler to playground so husband can eat, request all food to be takeaways and stomp angrily to car with toddler declaring death from starvation.

This week, my fabulous and talented Ride Or Die invited me to a dinner review of a local restaurant. My excitement could not be contained. I examined the menu online and stalked the website and social media obsessively because when you have a toddler, you become accustomed to eating fast. It’s a Gone in 60 Seconds approach to dining. I eat my dinner twelve chicken wings at a time.

We arrived at Lansers on Main (www.lansersonmain.com) and were greeted with such warmth and happiness. A bottle of wine appeared, water was offered and I felt my shoulders drop, my breathing slowed and I let the sensation of pure hedonism wash over me. All Chef Lanser wanted was for us to eat and enjoy his food.

And boy oh boy, did we!

I believe that when a Chef tells you that a dish is constructed with patience and care over many years, you should eat it. So I took his recommendations to heart and ordered the signature dishes. Tomato tart, steak tartare, Flo’s Delight (Flo was delightful) and chocolate torte all made their way slowly and thoughtfully into my life.

Chef Lanser is not the way I imagined a Chef. In this fast paced industry of “rockstar” hotshots, Chef Lanser is the conductor of an orchestra. Teasing your palate with flavors, hinting at a climax, taking you back slowly to a different profile and then surprising you with a crescendo all with a twinkly smile nearly hidden by a massive beard.

Chef prefers abseiling to skydiving, loves the versatility of mushrooms, would take a 4×4 over a sports car and enjoys cold weather. He checks every single plate before it goes out for service and has handpicked his chefs for their abilities and creativity.

There is no way that I can do his food justice, go and try it for yourself. Take the time to slow down and enjoy a meal with your favorite people. Chat, drink, eat and recharge your body and soul.

Chef Lanser didn’t just feed me, he nourished my heart.

One cannot think well, love well and sleep well if one has not dined well – Virginia Woolf

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