Free Hygge

The autumn winds are blowing in, spring is nearly here. The year started off fast and the momentum has just kept building. Looking at my calendar for the rest of the year shows all manner of events to celebrate from birthdays to weddings and then, the big daddy of parties … Christmas.

I keep having to slow down and catch my breath, remind myself to breathe but also ensure that I have enough energy to get me through the last few months of 2019.

I was felled my tonsillitis and throat infections in July and the changing seasons always lay my immune system to waste however a tropical holiday isn’t on the cards anytime soon, so I’ve made a list of my top 5 FREE feel good recharge activities (Because I’m also on a budget!)

Give them a whirl!

1. Pour a cuppa

Tea is a very big part of my day but a good cup of tea at the right moment can make me feel refreshed and revived. Whether you enjoy tea or coffee, take the time to make it perfect and drink it while doing nothing.

2. Sun baby

Now that winter is nearly gone and the days warm up, sitting outside in the sun for a few minutes a day has become my favorite past time. I am conscious of the warmth flowing like honey from the top of my head, down my shoulders and back, into my toes. It loosens my muscles, warms me up and makes me happy to be welcoming in spring and all her glory in my garden.

3. Play up

Paint. Pencils. Sewing. Blocks. Mud. Balls. Water. Bubbles. Pets. Kids. Cards. Games. Whatever you see around you, just play with it. Dance. Sing. Dress up. Act. Play music. It doesn’t matter what you use, just play. Children have fun with sticks and rocks, they talk to themselves and build cities with toilet paper. Let your imagination run riot and play.

4. Read away

There is no wrong thing to read. Ever. Reading relaxes your mind, opens your eyes, inspires you, makes you interesting and betters your spelling and vocabulary. Books never need to be charged or protected from the elements – they are very forgiving. They can be shared and reread over and over again. They’re always there when you need them and you’ll live a thousand lives through them.

5. Nap on, honey

To me, the ultimate decadent guilty pleasure is an afternoon nap. Once all the errands have been run, the family is fed and watered, the chores are complete and before the weekly planning starts, I sneak upstairs and nap. It starts with reading and it ends with my dog and I dozing off. It’s heaven. It’s bliss. It keeps me going.

Things are about to get really fast around here, it’ll be summer before we know it.

The time you enjoy wasting, is not wasted time – Bertrand Russell